Body languages vary across the world

Even with the best interpreter on the presence, when you are in a conversation with someone speaking a different language, more or less you would be communicating with that person using your body language.  Although most of the time the body languages have similar meanings across different cultures, this may not always be the case; […]


Will my insurance cover medical interpreting?

Who covers the cost of medical interpreting? Considering the twenty-five million limited-English proficiency (LEP) residents of the United States, there is a demand for linguists in every field. In the medical field, language barriers create miscommunication and misunderstandings that can lead to dramatic consequences. Interpreters are vetted for accuracy and aptitude through a lengthy screening process […]


On-site, video, and telephonic interpreting: which is the best option for me?

In the past year, we have seen an increasing demand for interpreting services nationwide. On-site interpreting is still the primary language solution for many people, while telephonic interpreting or video remote interpreting could potentially be more cost-effective and accessible. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. On-site Interpreting: The interpreter would meet you […]