Advantages of telephonic interpretation you may not know


It’s available 24/7/365

Don’t worry if your event is in an evening or at 7 a.m. on a weekend. It’d be easy for you to connect to an interpreter on phone anytime anywhere, and you don’t need to pay a hefty fee just because it’s not in the regular business hours.


No booking is required

If you plan to have an interpreter on-site, you may need to book at least three days ahead otherwise you would need to bear the risk that no interpreter would be available. In a remote area, sometimes a notice needs to be given to the language service provider even several weeks ahead. However, quite often people only know the specific time and location of the event only several days ahead. In this case, as the most flexible option, telephonic interpreting can offer you instant assistance without a reservation ever been made ahead.


Pay only what you use

When using over-the-phone services, people often worry that they would need to pay a monthly fee or enter into a contract even they just need the service once. If you use the telephonic interpreting service provided by a trustworthy language service provider, this would never be an issue for you. All charges are transparent, and you only need to pay what you use. No monthly fee, no membership cost.


It takes less than one minute to connect

People often don’t realize how fast it is to get connected to an interpreter over the phone. Once you have your account set up, every time it takes less than a minute for you to connect to a professional interpreter who can assist you on phone.


Conference call option is available

A conference call can be easily set up when using telephonic interpreting service, and you can be connected to all the other parties as well as the interpreter on phone with no hassle. This option is ideal for business meetings, in which people located in different offices and speaking different languages across the nation need to be connected on phone.


It could be more effective than video-remote interpreting

Although video-remote interpreting is often considered as a close substitute for on-site interpreting, it can be problematic if the internet connection is unstable, or you don’t have a suitable device for a video chat. On the other hand, the setup for a telephonic interpreting session is much easier, and you just need to have your phone on hand to communicate effectively with the interpreter.


The cost-effective option

Last but not least, OPI is the most cost-effective option compared to on-site and video-remote interpreting. The cost is lower not because telephonic interpreters are less reliable, but just because interpreters don’t need to spend lots of time dressing up and traveling to the destination, and interpreters across the nation are able to assist you even if you are in a remote area.

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